Violin Warm Ups

Monday, October 24, 2022 by Heidi Tuinstra | Student Resources

When I inherit young violinists, usually aged 11 or 13, but sometimes older, who have learned the instrument for several years, sometimes they have little idea of what it's like to play in tune. 

I feel this is something I can tackle  right away, and give them this warm-up at their very first lesson with me. Later these same warm-ups can be used to improve tone, bow position, bow angle, bow speed, amount of bow etc. etc. 

We do these warm-ups at the start of every lesson, adding others to them gradually, always checking the left elbow swings from string to string!

Practice Tools

Sunday, October 23, 2022 by Heidi Tuinstra | Student Resources

Practice Tools - Any Tool, Anytime!

  • Metronome Work
    • Slow “practice tempo”
    • Acceleration
    • Performance Tempo
  • Isolate Bow techniques
    • Open Strings
    • Air-bowing
  • Isolate Left-hand techniques
    • Finger tapping
    • Partners (home coach operates the bow)
  • Slow practice
  • Count and Clap Rhythm
  • Identify Note Names
  • Repetition
  • Add a Note (working from either front end or back end of passage)
  • Stop&Prepare or Stop&Speak
  • Target Practice
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Exaggerated Dynamics/opposite dynamics
  • Sing
  • Mental Practice
  • Play-through…possibly with a recording (to identify practice targets)
  • Create and watch a recording of yourself
  • Listen to a recording (or 2 or 3!) while watching sheet music
  • Play with your eyes closed
  • Pull passages out of a hat
  • Work backwards from the end of the piece
  • Work outwards from the middle
  • Rhythm variations (Bk4+)
  • Bowing variations (Bk4+)
  • Research composer, time period, and other artists of that time / style
  • Listen to other works by the same composer

By the Numbers

Sunday, October 23, 2022 by Heidi Tuinstra | Did you know?