Coming in the Fall of 2024! Stay tuned for Musikgarten classes for ages 3-5!

Beginning simply with singing, moving, and exploring rhythm instruments, we add levels of complexity as the children grow, expanding the singing repertoire, teaching more complex dances, and building instrumental ensembles. Children coming through the Musikgarten program inherently "know" the music they eventually play in later years. A great start for future violin players as well as other instruments!

For more information, go to the main Musikgarten website. 

Cycle of Seasons for Preschoolers (ages 3 to 5)

Celebrate your preschooler’s growing independence and love of the outdoors with activities involving the four seasons in The Cycle of Seasons. Developed to build attention and self-expression, activities include singing, chanting, moving, focused listening, musical games, exploring musical instruments, creative movement, and storytelling. The Cycle of Seasons nurtures your growing child’s ability to use language and participate in dramatic play within a musical context.


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